Institute of Special Needs Education for People with Atypical Behaviour and Cognition

Institute of Special Needs Education for People with Atypical Behaviour and Cognition

Our goal is to train professionals with high theoretical and practical competencies in order to effectively support persons with atypical behaviour or cognition. We coordinate the different teaching, research and practical activities of our four specializations, namely the Autism Spectrum Disorders Specialisation; the Intellectual Disabilities and Learning Disabilities Specialisation; and the Emotional and Behavioural Disorders Specialisation. 

Education portfolio

Our training has been carefully constructed so that our students will be able to fully cooperate with persons with all types of disability. We emphasize the importance of an up-to-date knowledge, as well as an evidence-based yet individualised practice and a comprehensive approach to disability. We have active relationship with several national institutions that provide training practice for our would-be-teachers. This way we try to respond to the needs generated in everyday practice as well as in the labour market. We put special emphasis on developing special teachers’ competencies and we make our students aware of the opportunities for cooperation with associated professions. We employ a diverse range of higher educational and educational methodologies in our training, including various digital materials and interactive tools. We support our students with individual attention on part of our staff. This leads their way to join the Institute’s research projects later or means a successful future employment. 

Research activities

We want to contribute to several fields with our research activities concerning special needs intervention programs and life-skills development of the affected persons or groups: to the advancement of special needs education as a science; to the development of special needs teacher training; and to the enhancement of instruction in special needs education. We explore the characteristics of the development of the psychic functions, as well as the role of the societal, social and educational environment surrounding the child, the young person or the adult. The following themes are in the focus of our activities: practical realisations of inclusive education; social integration of the affected populations; human skills development; evidence-based approaches to autism spectrum disorders; characteristics, prevention or treatment of negative behaviour- management and self-conduct; ICT and web 2.0 tools in special needs education; the impact of birth of a special child on the family; provision of education in hospitals; cognitive functioning of premature babies.


All our specialisations have an active relationship with advocacy organisations and other associated professions. Our lecturers regularly take part in Erasmus mobility programmes and we also support our students’ mobility. We have a number of informal professional connections as well, which can serve as a future basis for later research and education partnerships.



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