Research and development

Research and development

Research and development
Our faculty functions as a centre for research in special needs education with regard of Hungary and the Eastern – Central European region. Our multidisciplinary scientific work relies both on the methodology of natural and life sciences (as biology, medicine and psychology) and on the approaches of social and human sciences. Intensive relations are mainteined with law and political sciences and technological developments.

The main focuses of our Research and Development and Innovation Strategy are:

  • Multidisciplinary experimental research of disabilities and atypical development

  • Diagnostic and assistive technological developments

  • Disability studies

  • Research in the field of human and social sciences with the aim of establishing an inclusive society, examining and supporting the social participation of children with special needs as well as adults with disabilities.

Undergraduate research

Extracurricular voluntary research activities of the students are supported and supervised by leading researchers of the faculty. Students participating in research disseminate their findings at a conference organised by the faculty every year. The best papers are presented at the National Undergraduate Research Conference and in scientific journals.

Our research activities are mentioned in details ont he surfaces of the institutes.