Theo Peeters passed away

Theo Peeters passed away

He has been our friend for almost 30 years, and a teacher of everyone in Hungary (too) who wants to support people with autism with deep understanding and professionalism.  Many of us have had the opportunity to learn from him personally; and many more could learn from him indirectly, as his books, his lecture translated to Hungarian, and his practical methods have become parts of what is taught on autism at universities and other courses here.

Theo Peeters is known as a leading autism-professional all over the world. He is a brilliant presenter and an engaging practical trainer. But, much more importantly, he is a person who is open to everything but mediocrity and narrow-mindedness; he has a sharp sense of beauty in art and in human nature; he is a sensitive and strong friend…

It is very hard to speak about him in past tense; and we shall not.


the academic members of Specialisation of Education for Autism Spectrum at ELTE University & the professionals at Autism Foundation, Budapest