Scientific and Research Ethics Committee

Scientific and Research Ethics Committee
The Scientific and Research Ethics Committee is a proposing and decision-making body that is responsible for strategic and administrative matters, for scientific development, coordination and for overseeing the scientific activities of the Faculty.

It is responsible for:

  • reviewing regulations, research and development activities, and submissions related to scientific research at ELTE
  • coordinating and evaluating proposals related to the operation and development of the Faculty's research portfolio
  • developing and regularly reviewing the Faculty’s research strategies
  • evaluating the the Faculty's organizational units’ research performance based on the criteria that have been adopted by Faculty Council
  • reviewing the research assignments and their grading procedures
  • reviewing and approving students’ and faculty’s research ethics proposals

The chairman of the committee is the deputy dean responsible for strategic affairs of the Faculty. Its members are the heads or delegates of the institutes, the director of the Ph.D. program in Special Education, plus one student representative delegated by the Student Government.

Principles of Research Ethics

Request for a review on research ethics


Dr. Perlusz Andrea, Deputy Dean for Scientific and Strategic Affairs
Dr. Sándor Anikó, Assistant Professor
Dr. Kullmann Lajos, Professor Emeritus
Dr. Marton Klára, Professor
Dr. Vargáné Molnár Márta, Senior researcher
Dr. Tamás Katalin, Assistant Professor
Dr. Győriné Dr. Stefanik Krisztina, Associate Professor

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